Top 5 Body Insecurities for Brides.

December 3, 2020

Did you know that 40% of Brides regretted their choice of photographer for their wedding?

The number 1 reason is that they did NOT feel like they had their best self portrayed in their photographs.  No matter how many people tell a Bride she is stunning, there is almost always an underlying insecurity.  In this blog, I will tell you what the top 5 insecurities are, and how to tweak how you stand/sit/pose, and dress/outfit styles so that you are feeling the most confident.  Your Instagram feed is about to get sooo much better!!

The top 5 Body Insecurities are

  • Double Chin
  • Upper Arms
  • Waistline/Tummy
  • Shoulders
  • Thighs

Let’s start with your chin.  A lot of people have a little extra skin below their chin.  Men and women experience it.  Heck, my 90lb grandmother had one heck of a ‘turkey gobbler’ going on, but there is a way to pose so that you can minimize it.  First, I advise you to push your tongue into the roof of your mouth.  It draws the structure inside up and will help with that gravity that is not always helpful.  Next, slightly lean forward at the waist and stick your chin forward.  BE CAREFUL!  You will quickly go from sleek jaw line to crazy chicken in a matter of millimeters.  The next trick for this and having a more flattering angle in general for your face when taking a selfie or when you hand your phone to a friend to take a photo of you and your fiancé, is to always have the camera slightly above and angled down.

Our next category is your arms.  The first tip with clothing, or your dress, is a long sleeved dress.  I find that a 3/4 sleeve is stellar.  You can also use a cute jacket during your engagement session with a cami and long flowy skirt, I will send you a link to the best skirt ever, just ask!  Getting back to your arms, just create a tiny bit of space between your arm and your body, or partner’s body.  Get up!  Yes you!  Go and get in front of a mirror and turn sideways so that your side is facing the mirror.  Push your arm in tight to your body…  Don’t cringe! You are gorgeous!!!! Now bend your arm and create an inch or two of space between your elbow and your body.  I bet you saw a decent difference!  There is also the ever popular hand on your hip!  Even if you are snuggled up to your beau(which we will talk about next), one arm can be around them, and one hand on your waist.  You can’t go wrong!

I am not sure I have met a bride yet that did not have something to say about her waistline and or tummy.  As for wedding gowns, an empire waist is going to be your friend for this one, but most of my brides have a gown that is another style.  They are all stunning, but still have that bit of insecurity.  Let’s start with a standard snuggle into your significant other with your arm around them.  For guys, their shoulders are much more broad and facing forward with one foot forward is key.  Then the lady snuggles into their beau by putting their belly button to their partner’s hip.  So, when I ask you where your belly button is during our Engagement Session, it is for a good reason.  When you have put your bodies belly button to hip, then I have my ladies put their outside hand on their hip and twist at the waist slightly.  Depending on how the pose is and the look I am going for, I may just have you put both hands on his shoulder and your head too, so he can nuzzle in for one of those dreamy kissy photos, all while creating the best possible silhouette for you and your partner.  You get the basics of it, but there will be more posing tips coming in a later blog.

I recently had a bride with broader shoulders.  She was curvy in ALL of the right places, and her dress hugged her in those places.  Early in the photos, it was apparent that her pose was more straight on because her hour glass figure would put Marilyn Monroe to shame.  Often with broader shoulders, you want a deep v neck or thick tank top straps and a dress that cinches at the waist.  Use your features to your advantage!  My goal is to turn your insecurities into your favorite features.  Broad shoulders in a woman (if you are still trying to hide them) are easily minimized by standing or sitting at a 45 degree angle to the camera, and just a slight twist at the waist, and your head facing the camera.  Men typically have broader shoulders and shoulders can be used to their advantage too.  Face forward, slight bend at the waist, one foot slightly forward, hands in pockets, and voila.

A lot of clients mention their thighs, and the 45 degree angle with waist twist to the camera will take care of any unflattering angles.  You can also get a flowy skirt and no one can see anything but your gorgeous smile!

I hope these tips and tricks have put your mind at ease.  Yes, everyone has insecurities, but more importantly, I know how to make you forget them, have fun, and look your absolute best on your Wedding Day!!


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