To First Look, or Not First Look

December 1, 2020

The answer is- Heck yes!! Some of the best moments with our couples are during first looks. Some first looks are with parents too. Most often our couples feel they can be more vulnerable when no one else is watching. First looks are my favorite moments.  It is an intimate moment between the couple that allows them to feel all of the feels. A lot of couples assume that if they get to have that moment before the big walk down the aisle that their fiancé won’t get emotional for that moment.  I have news for you, they will!  When you have a first look, it also allows for making a space in your schedule for photos that your otherwise did not think existed.  We can then take a lot or all of the couple, bridal party, and family photos before the ceremony.

Why does this help?  TIME.  Time is a finite part of your day.  You will not get it back or get more.  When you have a one site wedding, and there is one hour between the end of the ceremony, and when you are to be announced into the reception, do you want to spend that time taking the last few photos and mingling with guests, or cramming 2+ hours worth of photos and portraits into a 1 hour space? Think about it! I have also had couples choose to have a first look just to be sure they could share that moment together, and not in front of 150 of their closest friends and family.  Others, just were too excited and wanted to see each other.  Let us create more time for you to spend with your guests. Whatever the reason for the first look, its your choice!  It’s your day! Besides, the tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding started in the time when all marriages were arranged.


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