Getting engaged is so exciting!  Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming.  Budget.  Budget controls a lot of aspects of your wedding and can dictate most of your planning. 3 Things That Could Affect Your Wedding Budget Your budget is one of the first things that you will sit down and discuss when planning your […]

  This question is the most asked.  Not because we are in the business, but because it most often is the most under or over estimated item.  A lot of couples choose a full day.  It is all encompassing and really ensures that no matter what happens, or how the schedule changes, they are covered.  […]

This is my How To Schedule Your Wedding Day Guide. In this blog I plan to explain how to plan out your day, account for any lateness with others, and plan out your whole day so it runs smoothly.  You should be able to hand the timeline off to a friend and sit back and […]

Did you know that 40% of Brides regretted their choice of photographer for their wedding? The number 1 reason is that they did NOT feel like they had their best self portrayed in their photographs.  No matter how many people tell a Bride she is stunning, there is almost always an underlying insecurity.  In this […]

The answer is- Heck yes!! Some of the best moments with our couples are during first looks. Some first looks are with parents too. Most often our couples feel they can be more vulnerable when no one else is watching. First looks are my favorite moments.  It is an intimate moment between the couple that […]

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